Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ideas are you interested in?
We are always looking for new ideas or enhancements and improvements to any of our current products. Great ideas which will allow our customers to get the most of our products, and help us maintain our role as an industry leader.

How do I know my idea has been received?
Shortly after submitting your idea you will receive an automated email confirming that it has been received.

What happens to my idea after it is submitted?
Our Innovation Team will review your submission and provide an initial assessment as to whether this is a good fit for our company. If the assessment is positive, it will be forwarded to the appropriate company representative for additional review.

Once I submit my idea, how long before I hear back from someone?
The idea evaluation process can take up to 90 days. Within that time, we will get back to you and let you know the status of your submission.

How do I contact you to check on the status of my submission?
We do not provide status updates for idea submissions during the review process. If any further information is needed, we will contact you.

Should I have my idea patented before submitting it to you?
If you believe that your ideas may have value, then we urge you to take measures to protect your ideas before you submit them for our evaluation. Please do not submit confidential information on the Concept Submission Form or discuss it with any of our employees.

Why can't you accept confidential information?
To avoid potential misunderstandings, we do not accept confidential information during the idea submission and review process. If, after our preliminary review, we are interested in pursuing your idea further, we may propose a process that will permit us to receive information about your idea that you regard as confidential.

If you decide not to pursue my idea, will you tell me why?
Because of the volume of ideas we cannot provide the reasons for our decisions regarding ideas submitted for review.

Can I submit additional information such as photographs or drawings with my idea?
No, the idea submission process does not allow for the upload of documents of any kind. If the reviewers need additional information, you will be contacted.