Terms of Use

Is this the right time and place to share your ideas? In order to review the thousands of ideas we receive each year, we have a process for reviewing your ideas. Our process reflects a balance of your interests and rights and those of Vista Outdoor. In return for your acceptance of these Terms of Use, Vista Outdoor offers a non-confidential, preliminary evaluation of your submitted materials. Please note that a lot of the ideas submitted to Vista Outdoor are:

  • Already disclosed in prior literature and patents by other inventors
  • Previously considered
  • Being developed or already developed by us or another company

Your ideas may have value, and we urge you to take measures to protect your ideas before you submit them for our evaluation. Please do not submit confidential information on the Concept Submission Form or discuss it with any Vista Outdoor employee. Vista Outdoor does not want to know your secret sauce.

Vista Outdoor will not keep information you provide confidential. No information provided by you to Vista Outdoor will be protected or considered confidential irrespective of whether it is provided in writing or orally. You understand that Vista Outdoor employees with whom you may speak do not have the authority to promise or agree to confidentiality regarding your information and that no information you provide will be protected unless you and Vista Outdoor enter into a formal, written confidentiality agreement.

Vista Outdoor refers to Vista Outdoor Inc. and its subsidiary business entities and corporations such as Bee Stinger . Vista Outdoor has no obligation to use your idea. Vista Outdoor is not obligated to provide you with an explanation for any decision Vista Outdoor reaches. This applies to the original disclosure as well as to anything you later disclose, orally or in writing. Vista Outdoor assumes no obligation to tell you anything we already knew or have discovered since you submitted your idea.

In addition to the foregoing, you agree and represent that:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are the owner of the idea you are submitting to Vista Outdoor.
  • You are not violating any agreement or understanding you have with another party, including your current or former employer.
  • You give up and waive all intellectual property right claims (other than patent and trademark claims) you may have now or in the future against Vista Outdoor for copying, disclosing, evaluating or otherwise using your idea. Your waiver of claims shall not apply to claims under any subsequently written and signed confidentiality agreement between you and Vista Outdoor.

Vista Outdoor is under no obligation to use your idea or to hold it in confidence.

You understand and agree to be bound to the preceding terms of use.